Public Transit

The public transit industry continues to grow and expand in ways that leave many agencies struggling to keep up. With federally regulated changes to technology systems and data, heightened customer expectations to meet the new digital demands, and budget challenges to cut costs, the transit industry is primed to take off, and agencies need to be ready. With our background in public transit consulting, systems, and engineering, Lumenor is well equipped to help bring your agency to the next level.

Tolling and Parking

New technologies around the Internet of Things (IoT), parking, and tolling are allowing companies the ability to collect data and increase revenue in ways never before imagined. Large volumes of data, including vehicle pass-through rates, collection fee calculations, and open parking space detectors, can now be collected and analyzed. Is your company able to process this vast amount of information to know where to make improvements? Are you able to optimize your revenue streams from tolling and parking?


Over the past several years, the Department of Transportation industry has seen a growth in demand for modernized and digital technology and systems support due to increasing federal regulation. To qualify for federal funding to comply with the new standards and rules, companies must meet new challenges of managing systems and data to produce meaningful information. Tracking inspections, monitoring key assets, and automatic logging of all work done have made it more and more important for companies to produce records of compliance. With Lumenor, our experience in the DOT industry allows us to help companies meet and exceed the standards set by federal regulations.


The Aviation industry faces new challenges that affect the ability to achieve profitability, to remain compliant under strict regulations, and most importantly, to continue to maintain a level of safety for passengers and crews. With the increasing level of customer demands and ever-changing technology architecture, organizations need a way to stay on top of the challenges that are in front of them. Thanks to our industry knowledge and history of project success in the aviation industry, Lumenor can work with organizations and help them hone their efficiency as they join the digital world.